BDNY 2016 Pop-up Lounge Q & A

Custom seating from Shelby Williams will be on display in a unique space at the Boutique Design New York (BDNY) trade fair and conference. For the second year in a row, Shelby Williams is participating in a pop-up lounge created by Stonehill & Taylor. Anastasia Berestova, interior designer with Stonehill & Taylor, talks about what visitors will experience when they visit the Ooh-La-La! lounge in booth #1119.

How did you get the inspiration for Ooh-La-La?

The concept for Ooh-La-La! began with the passion and fascination in capturing the persona of Paris—the provocative, the love, and the cutting-edge. We wanted to conceive an organic design, classic in its ties to the Parisian culture but with a modern and unique vibe. Using famous Parisian buildings, such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, as the inspiration for the space architecture was the perfect beginning for creating an ambiance that moved between simple yet edgy.

How did this inspiration influence the design of the space?

We drew heavily on the examples of innovation in the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. The space plan is an abstraction of the Louvre, where elegant architecture meets intrusive modernism. Like the way the Eiffel Tower pierces through the traditional cityscape of Paris, we developed a daring red accent that divides the booth intro three zones: two living rooms and a lavish bar that serves as the focal point of the space. The use of angles and metal, and that overall idea of piercing through tradition is what motivated us toward a triangular bar and bold glass structure, which shamelessly barge through the graceful interior. The space is a fusion of classic and modern, modest and edgy, subtle and provocative.

How is designing this space in a trade show environment the same or different than designing for hospitality public spaces?

It wasn’t very different. The goal in each space that we create in our hospitality work is to be welcoming and to offer the guest a complete experience; however, unlike designing within a built environment (as is typical in hospitality public spaces), we were able to define our own boundaries within the space. The intention was to build an oasis—the design of a Parisian-inspired lounge. Although there were no real ceilings or walls, we made the area feel complete with enclosures with a datum line and wall moldings and chandeliers suspended from above.

How did manufacturers help bring your design vision to life?

Our manufacturing partners were essential to our team and all were great to work with in every way. Finding the right partners who were excited as us about the project was very important. With their expertise and valuable input, the various manufacturers refined our ideas into a concrete final product. Without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible for all the elements of our design to align both literally and metaphorically.

What was the role of Shelby Williams?

Shelby Williams was our seating partner for last year’s award-winning pop-up lounge at BDNY and we were thrilled that they joined us for the design of Ooh-La-La! We showed our concept to the Shelby Williams team and they came back with concepts of standard products customized for our vision of the space. All seating is provided by Shelby Williams, who worked with P/Kaufmann Contract on custom fabrics to give the seating the flair and uniqueness that we wanted for the space. The customization that Shelby Williams does is really helpful for designers who are looking to create a signature aesthetic.