Kino Lounge Won the Pop-up category of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

A pop-up lounge designed by Stonehill & Taylor and featured at last year’s BDNY show has received international acclaim. The Kino Lounge is the winner in the Pop-up category of The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Now in its eight year, The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is a globally recognized competition dedicated to the design of food and beverage spaces.

Stonehill & Taylor partnered with Shelby Williams to provide all of the seating for the Kino Lounge. The pop-up bar provided Shelby Williams with a unique way to showcase its seating in lieu of a traditional trade show booth. Congratulations to Stonehill & Taylor and thanks for the opportunity to be included in this award-winning space!

Shelby Williams will exhibit at BDNY 2016 in booth 1023. Shelby Williams also will partner again with Stonehill & Taylor at BDNY 2016 on a pop-up lounge called Ohh-La-La.