Innovative Furniture Design at Miami University's New Dining Hall Unveiled

Founded in 1809 in Oxford, Ohio, Miami University is regularly ranked among the top 50 national public universities by U.S. News & World Report. Poet Robert Frost once described the idyllic college as "the most beautiful campus that ever there was." This is a lot to live up to, but the university is prepared for the challenge. Miami University works diligently to maintain this high status.

Despite being over 200 years old, Miami University makes regular and consistent efforts toward campus improvements. It is currently in progress with the construction of two new academic buildings, multiple facility renovations, and continued energy systems conversions. In addition, final touches have recently been put on the new Ogden Hall Dorm, complete with a brand new dining hall on the lower level. This project was spearheaded by Tracey Sopanish, Senior Interior Designer of Miami University and contracted to Madeline Green and Donna Kelley of the RCF Group, Cincinnati, OH. Falcon representative Paul Geoghegan was brought in to bring the elevated aesthetics of the new dining hall furniture design to life. This comprehensive project included custom tables, chairs, barstools and booths.

Sedera chairs and barstools were an ideal selection for this environment. With sleek lines, ergonomic design, and premium materials, the Sedera collection offers both comfort and style. Its minimalist profile, simplicity, and timeless appeal make it a perfect choice for a modern, higher education dining experience. The designer chose an on-trend teal colored upholstered seat and back to foster added comfort and style for the students. The Sedera chairs are also lightweight and stackable, making them perfect for a busy dining hall.

The 1900 Series cafe table with a silvertone base perfectly compliments the metallic silver legs of the Sedera seating. The wood finish top of this 1900 series table also compliments the minimalist look of the Sedera chairs. The light-colored laminate makes the space feel bright and open as it reflects both natural and artificial light well. The wood grain laminate choice offers a neutral color palette, allowing it to blend with any other colors in the design features of the space.

The design team also chose a customized version of the Falcon’s new Chelsea Maker Booth. The contemporary silhouette of this booth features an open steel base frame with a unique crosshatch detail on the ends. The upholstery is a bold vinyl coated fabric, chosen for its durability and cleanability.  

The fusion of Sedera chairs and barstools, 1900 series tables and Chelsea Maker Edition booths create a stylish arrangement, presenting a contemporary yet refined experience for Miami University faculty & students and Ogden Hall residents. The combination of light colored table tops and vibrant upholstery fosters an open and welcoming atmosphere within the dining hall. The varied heights of the chairs and stools create visual interest in the room and the inherent lightweight nature of the Sedera seating options ensures effortless mobility, optimizing seating flexibility. Each piece was thoughtfully chosen and designed with consideration to key factors such as maintenance and durability for this dynamic, high-traffic dining hall. 

Miami University Ogden Hall Sedera 1900 Booths Installaction 2
Miami University Ogden Hall Sedera 1900 Booths Installaction 1
Miami University Ogden Hall Sedera 1900 Booths Installaction 3
Miami University Ogden Hall Sedera 1900 Booths Installaction 4